If you're one of the legions of slim, fit and healthy people whose BMI (Body Mass Index) makes them 'technically' overweight, this story will be music to your ears. A new test is about to launch — called the ABSI.
BMI is calculated by dividing your weight (in kilograms) by your height (in metres) squared. It has been widely criticised for years.
'The BMI is flawed because it doesn't take into account where you carry fat or how muscular you are,' says Sue Baic, a dietician from Bristol University. 'A woman with a fat stomach, thick waist and skinny arms and legs could be deemed a healthy weight — yet people who carry fat around their mid-section are more at risk of heart disease, diabetes and even certain cancers.'
來自布里斯託大學的營養學家Sue Baic表示,“BMI指數是有缺陷的,因為它沒有辦法說明人體內有多少脂肪或多少肌肉。比方說,一名女性她肚子肥大卻四肢纖細,而她的BMI指數有可能顯示的就是健康。然而,腰腹部肥胖的人群患心髒病、糖尿病和某些癌症的危險性更大。”
To calculate your ABSI you take your waist measurement (in centimetres) and divide that by the square root of your height (in centimetres) multiplied by the square of the cube-root of your BMI.
'It's a very complicated formula!' says Sue. 'But an online calculator is in development. I think it's a brilliant measure of how healthy you are and it could end up replacing BMI.'

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